PC World starts giving laptop away

After having chopped its deal to give out free laptops with landline-based Orange broadband backed in August 2007, PC World has now struck a deal with 3 to offer a "free" laptop when you buy a wireless contract.

When you actually look closer at the offer though, it is not as enticing as it looks. The mobile broadband package - Broadband Plus - normally costs £15 per month for a 24 month contract on a stand alone basis - while PC World is offering you varying discounts on nine laptops - from £300 to £340.

The deal also includes a USB-style dongle modem which offers you speeds of up to 2.8mbps, 3GB data allowance and 200 free texts per month

According to Three, 3GB allows you to send 2000 plain text emails AND surf the web for 100 hours AND download 100 two minute videos AND download 200 music tracks.

The only free laptop in the deal is the Advent 9912 model which normally costs £349.99 although similar Dell Models (like this Vostro 1000) can be had for less than £290, which means that altogether, the deal might not be as good as one may think.

Buying a Dell laptop with Three's Broadband Plus package will cost you £560 compared to £630 if you go down PC World's route.