Ebay disables Negative Feedback for Sellers

How would a business feel if it was prevented from answering to criticisms or unwarranted comments from its customers?

Well, as from May 2008, Ebay will remove a feature that allowed sellers to leave negative or neutral feedback about buyers, according to a BBC news article.

Ebay says that such an action was necessary after negative comments left by buyers sparked avalanches of bad-mouthed comments from both sides.

The move, Ebay said, will concern sellers worldwide, and will particularly affect businesses and individuals which rely on Ebay for a living; it is also feared that some might use the newly skewed feedback process to harm established players.

The controversy, which has yet to be published on Ebay's website, comes after the Auction giant has announced a series of actions that aims at weeding out dodgy sellers and make Ebay more customer friendly.

Ebay had also announced earlier last month that it will slash insertion fees to encourage more people to sell online, which paradoxically could generate more frustration as more first-time sellers find themselves trapped by the inability to leave negative or neutral feedbacks.