FBI nets five low-life swatters

I was interested to read over on the UPI newswire last night - holed up in a Debenhams coffee shop on London's Oxford Street using the nearby Radisson Hotel's free WiFi network (but that's another story) - that the FBI's Dallas operation has arrested five people in connection with the new crime of swatting.

Swatting, if the FBI are to be believed, centres around hacking a phone company network to generate a hoax emergency call that cannot be traced.

This is the pits of hacking IMHO. I've worked as a nurse in an A&E department, so these hackers are utter scumsuckers in my estimation. But I digress.

It seems the FBI has identified a trend amongst junior hackers to place calls to 911 lines in the US pretending that it is an emergency call and giving just the right information to send a police SWAT team

driving at high velocity to the scene.

UPI says that the callers often tell the 911 dispatcher of hostages about to be executed or bombs about to go off, postponing sporting events and forcing hotels to be evacuated on more than one occasion.

Kevin Kolbye, assistant special agent in charge of the Dallas office, summed up the intentions of the scumbag hackers by saying it's all about bragging rights and an over-inflated ego.

Al I can say is that I hope the so-called hackers get l-o-n-g sentences...