MacBook Air has big issues with battery life and Wifi

The Apple's MacBook Air (MBA) apparently has some annoying problems related to its wireless capabilities and to its battery life; Ars Technica's Jacqui Cheng reports that her Air cannot import data wirelessly from another computer via the integrated 802.11n connection - no one could actually help her to solve that problem.

The problem is a known issue to Apple; according to the manufacturer, this happens when you are using a "non-Apple 802.11n wireless router that has out of date firmware"; this should be solved by updating your router's firmware.

Ms Cheng was also irate about the advertised battery life of the Mac Book Air, which according to her is nearly double what she has experienced, especially when wireless is turned on.

Other reviewers like Gizmodo have not noticed any significant issue with the MBA's battery life - they got 3hr15min running on normal power mode and 4hr30 running on lower screen brightness; while charging would take only 3 hours.

Macworld has also listed a few other "issues" with the MacBook air which includes over heating when using the CPU for long periods as well as jerky videos when using the iSight camera - which can be cured by installing the latest Quicktime version.

The Dual core MBA automatically shuts down one core when the temperature reaches a critical point; this can cause the computer to run slower - this is called "Throttling" and is a fail safe solution adopted by all CPU manufacturers.

This is particularly true when running on mains; the laptop then runs under normal conditions at nominal core speeds (1.6GHz) and with default settings (optimal brightness and WiFi on).