Middle East Internet cables down - US invades Iran!

I never cease to be amazed at the interpretations people make about systems going down and so it was on a Middle Eastern site at the weekend, which reckons that the slicing of Internet cables to the Middle East and India last week is a prelude to a US invasion of Iran.

One report said that an Internet blackout throughout the Middle East and Asia (India) has hit Internet traffic today except in Israel and Iraq.

"Many believe this is a preparation for a 9/11-type event or a US assault on Iran," said one newswire, adding that in the days before the 09/11 in 2001, several Middle Eastern Web sites were attacked and

pulled down by the FBI.

You can read more about the slicing of the two fibre-optic underwater cables late last week here, but I find it difficult to come to the same conclusion as some `experts' in the Middle East.

Mind you, with El Presidente Bushola at the help, anything is possible.