UK Broadband better and cheaper than ever before

Research by uSwitch showed that the average price of standalone broadband has decreased by 36 percent since January 2004.

Broadband in 2008 has advertised speeds 16x than in 2004 and AOL apparently had the biggest price fall with its main broadband service, nearly halved in four years.

According to the price comparison website, the UK broadband industry continues to thrive, with nearly 15 million households now spending over £3 billion annually subscribing to a service.

However, a third of broadband customers are paying more than their fair share, forking out £20 per month for their broadband, losing in the process, around £162 million pounds.

The last few years have seen more "up to" 8mbps ADSL broadband offers with companies like Be, Virgin or O2 offering double digit speeds for a few pounds extra.

Orange has been singled out as the most expensive broadband service provider, costing £20 a month for a 8mbps only service.

For the same price, you could get a 16mbps superior ADSL2+ line from rival O2 or for half that price, browse the net on Plusnet's standalone line.

The survey did not take into consideration the price of line rental - compulsory if you are using ADSL broadband - which costs £10.50 through Direct Debit.