3 and O2 to collaborate on mobile video startup

After joining forces with T-mobile in a bid to cut costs on Network infrastructure, 3 and O2 are joining forces to launch EyeVibe, a mobile video website which brings together SeeMeTV and LookAtMe from 3 and O2 respectively.

The move came as both companies are looking to reach a critical mass by pooling their members together; both SeemeTV and LookAtme were developed by the same company, Yospace, which made the project easier.

The combined company will have 60,000 clips with more than 32 million paid video downloads, earning a total of £800,000 for users; EyeVibe has generated 28 million mobile page impressions per month.

The cost of each clip is 10p for 3 and O2 customers with other networks paying more depending on their tariffs, 10% of the download revenue for a given clip is paid back to the original contributor.

A joint press release by both companies has also unveiled plans to integrate more social networking features in EyeVibe with users being able to interact with each other through messaging, voting, commenting and posting multimedia files.

The popularity of camera equipped mobile phones which are available from under £30 will fuel the usage and consumption of user generated video content.