Google goes Postini in wake of email security issues

I was interested to see that Google has signed on the dotted line to licence Postini's range of security products and software for its business range of Google business applications.

The move comes hard on the heels of a number of security revelations surrounding the security of the Googlemail - GMail - email service that is offered to consumer punters free of charge.

My guess is that the business application services probably use the same platform as Googlemail, so the Postini linkup makes a lot of sense, especially since Google is charging for its business services.

The Postini side of things will reportedly add message filtering, encryption and archiving for any business environment with prices starting from just $3.00 per user per year.

I've always been impressed with Postini's serious approach to IT security on occasions when I've interviewed or encountered the company's staff in my travels.

This can be nothing but good news for Google - and Postini, of course...