MIT on the cusp of outlawing on-campus hackery?

It seems that an October, 2006, incident at the MIT Faculty Club which is currently in the news, proves that hackers - whatever the colour of their hats - cannot be trusted.

Newswire reports say that a group of students - claiming to be hackers - were found exploring the MIT Faculty Club on a Saturday night and have been had up on felony charges.

As a result, some newswires say that MIT - which has always taken a laissez-faire attitude towards hackers - is now re-evaluating its approach.

For its part, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has said that hackers should follow rules based on the well-known Hacker's Code of Ethics.

The case against the student hackers was dropped in February of last year, but continues to hit the news.

According to one newswire report, MIT's laissez-faire approach to hackers, even though it is being included in the new student handbook, could create legal problems for the famous institution...