Report reveals surge in Online TV

Research by Media Analyst Screen Digest revealed that BBC is going be the dominant player in the online TV shows and programmes market with an expected 2.8 billion streamed and downloaded files by 2012.

BBC opened the flood gates back in December as it released a flash based version of iPlayer which proved to be a huge success for the BBC with more than 250,000 shows streamed or downloaded in the fortnight following its launch.

Most of BBC's documentaries, series and programmes from the last seven days are now available online.

Web based viewing is particularly popular with internet users who have experienced other online video websites like Daily Motion or Youtube which use the same Flash-based technology.

The BBC has also announced that it will allow users to embed its videos on their websites using a few lines of code and has also plans to collaborate with Channel 4 and ITV to launch a whole new platform called Kangaroo which is going to complement iPlayer's offer.

Techradar released some figures which shows that the BBC is building momentum in time for the battle to control online TV : video streams coming from represented nearly two in five of all free to view streams and downloads in the UK last year.