Apache stems loss of web server marketshare

The latest Web server survey (for January 2008) carried out by Netcraft showed that Apache has managed to move above the 50 percent share of the web server market, it's lowest point for nearly a decade.

Microsoft has enjoyed a rather phenomenal 24 months with its market share growing from around 22 percent to nearly 36 percent; the other big winners are Litespeed - which owes its massive growth to Wordpress.com adopting it in place of Apache, and Google - which is a surprising third thanks to Google Pages, a free service that allows Google users to create their websites on the fly.

Blogging websites now account for more than 25 million sites in the survey with Myspace, Live Spaces and Blogger accounting for the bulk of those.

Nearly 156 million websites were included in the Monthly survey, which reflects a slower end of the year for the web hosting industry, with a rise of only 354,000 sites, down from a whopping 5.4 million new sites recorded a month earlier; still 2007 saw the biggest rise in the number of websites ever with nearly 50 million sites added since December 2006.

The number of active websites - which excludes parked domains and other template websites - has stabilised to around 70 million over the same period.