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Black Hat Europe takes place next month

Just got a flyer in my mailbox for the next Black Hat Europe conference, which is due to open in Amsterdam on March 25 for a four day run.

As with the US event of a similar name, the European event promises to be an interesting conference with exhibitors and vendors presenting their products and services "in a relaxed setting" (it says here).

Plans call for there to be more than 400 delegates from 30-odd countries at the event (opens in new tab), which is now supported by several major infosecurity organisations.

Ah, Amsterdam (opens in new tab)- I remember the first time I went there in the early 1990s when the so-called brown cafes (opens in new tab) were separate from the beer bars.

I wanted a few beers (how sad -Ed) whilst my mate wanted to smoke some dope, so we managed to find an enlightened establishment with two bars - one at each end of the room. One bar served dope, whilst the other served ale and other alcofrolic beverages.

My mate and I - and a few others - ended up dragging a table to the centre of the room and indulging in our respective vices.

The bar owner was less than impressed and booted us out.

So much for enlightenment in Amsterdam. Anyway, I digress - full details on the Black Hat European event can be found here... (opens in new tab)