Microsoft bangs out 12 patches

Microsoft will release 12 patches on Tuesday, one of its biggest dispatches of complimentary codes, after issuing only two last month. Seven of these updates are deemed Critical with five falling under the important category.

The critical updates are all related to Remote Code Execution, which allows hackers to launch rogue applications on a victim's computer, under a number of Microsoft applications and will all require a system restart.

The critical updates will improve security in Internet Explorer and Office Software while the important patches will address vulnerabilities in Windows Vista, Active Directory and Microsoft Works.

Microsoft will also release an updated version of the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software removal tool on Windows Update, Microsoft Update, Windows Server Update Services, and the Download Center; a move which underlines Microsoft's hardened stance on security.

In related news, seven non-security, high-priority updates on Microsoft Update (MU) and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and two non-security, high-priority updates for Windows on Windows Update (WU) and WSUS will also be pushed to Windows users worldwide.

Microsoft announced last week that Vista SP1 will be launched next month which will address bugs and security vulnerabilities.