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Microsoft courts Nokia over Windows Mobile Smartphones

Several websites have mentioned the possibility that Microsoft and Nokia would be working on a WIndows-based smartphone.

PMP today has a picture of a Nokia N94i running what appears to be a Microsoft Windows Mobile OS.

ITWire broke the news after it reported that John Starkweather, Microsoft’s mobile communications business international marketing director, apparently confirmed talks were taking place with the world's biggest phone manufacturer, Nokia.

“They obviously have significant investments in Symbian but there are a lot of places where we have significant synergies and we would love to see the day where those synergies would extend completely with Windows Mobile,” he added.

Nokia already carries a number of Microsoft software on its smartphone like Activeync but according to CBReview, this should be taken as no more than a rumour at this stage.

Nokia has huge stakes in the Symbian Operating System, as do other phone manufacturers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Ericsson and Siemens.

Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS account for only 7 percent of the smartphone market with Symbian occupying a whopping 72 percent of the pie, something that worries Microsoft, given the forecasts that Mobile Internet will be the next big thing in advertising.

Nokia owns half of Symbian and has already managed to grab Trolltech, a Linux based company but has so far refrained from Joining the Open Handset Alliance launched by Google, which is to present a few Google Android-based smartphones at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona.

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