Salesforce has approached Oracle with a $9 billion tag

Tom Forenski, a Former FT reporter and now editor at SiliconValleyWatcher, writes that has made an unsolicited approach to Oracle with a $75 per share, which is 50 percent more than the closing price of $50.87 on Friday.

If the rumour is right, this would value the company at $9 billion and according to Forenski, a buyout would make sense since would probably bring in an impressive number of customers - more than 38,000 customers and almost 1 million subscribers and provide with a stepping stone for Oracle as it transforms into a service-based business. is a well known brand in the Software as a Service world and a popular choice amongst the Small and Medium business market.

It has pioneered a new approach,, which is the first Platform as a Service, which enables developers to build business applications on demand on top of a web browser and which slashes development time and costs.

Forenski has also pointed to the strong connection between and Oracle already. Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, is an ex-Oracle and Larry Ellison was an early investor in Salesforce and served on its board of directors; but Larry Ellison is also the largest single shareholder in Netsuite, which happens to be biggest rival.

The question now is whether someone else - IBM or Microsoft - might swoop in and buy outright.