Sexual enhancement spam hits the roof in 2007

Annual figures just in from Marshal, the secure email specialist, claim to show that sexual enhancement spam - presumably encouraging Netters to buy Cialis, Viagra and similar pills - accounted for a third of all spam towards the end of 2007.

And, says Marshal, this happened at a time when spam volume was increasing; overall spam volume grew by over 50 per cent in the second half of last year, the firm says.

According to Bradley Anstis, Marshal's vice president, despite the increased efforts of law enforcement agencies to crack down on the problem, spam grew even worse in 2007.

"Sex sells and the financial motives of the cybercriminal underworld that sustains spam appear to remain strong," he said, adding that the cost of acquiring the tools and services needed to send spam is reducing.

As a result, he says, whenever a spam gang is caught, there are others ready to jump in and take over.

"For these reasons, we are not optimistic that spam is going to recede in 2008," he said.

A full copy - in Adobe PDF format - of the report can be downloaded here...