Nokia releases N96, a TV (and much more) in a phone

Black is the latest trendy colour if Nokia's brand new phone is anything to go by. Just like the X1 from Sony and Apple iConic iPhone, the latest Nokia flagship phone, the N96 comes with a superb black, piano colour.

The phone is slightly bigger and heavier than the N95 that it replaces but comes with a few more features to say the least; the N96 packs a bigger display, a gorgeous 2.8-inch TFT screen that is ideal to display that DVB-H TV channels that the phone is capable of receiving.

Of course, you can use your phone to shoot videos in full VGA glory at 30 fps with a resolution that should match your dad's VHS camcorder; the Nokia N96 will also excel at taking photos thanks to a 5 megapixels camera, Carl Zeiss lenses and a built in Flash.

Other features that make it a great if not superb phone includes a GPS receiver that comes with Nokia's Maps application, 16GB of memory with support for microSD card, built in 3D stereo speakers, WiFi connectivity and USB2.0 support.

The only thing missing is a fully fledge QWERTY keyboard.

The smart sliding feature, which unveils either multimedia control or a keypad, augurs of some great potential. It is easy to imagine using the N96 as a portable game console thanks to the processing power and memory it packs.