Dell evangelises channel distribution

Hexus gives some information about Dell's 'cunning' new plan, PartnerDirect, to woo OEMs, major accounts and Value added resellers (VARs) at the expense of distributors.

The computer manufacturer wants to expand within the channel, which it sees as its biggest area of growth, and seeks to have long term relationships with partners which it is going to assess first.

Trying to have fingers in all pies is a risky, yet interesting strategy that Dell is set to embrace as it moves away from its direct sales model in its quest to close the gap between itself and HP.

Dell will sooner or later compete with the very companies that will become partners with it and Josh Claman, Dell EMEA channel Vice President, was convinced that it will not pit its newly found partners against its own internal sales team.

The Dell European Partner Portal will be the starting point for companies willing to participate in Dell's program which it says aims at "driving mutual success."