Google does a Microsoft, hijacks 404 pages

Google is increasingly looking like a Microsoft copycat. The latest beta of Google's toolbar now replaces 404 messages by a Google one which you can see on TechCrunch's website.

Microsoft and Verisign have been caught enabling this dubious tactics several times in the past. According to a article published back in 2003, while Internet Explorer allowed the user to say whether or not they wanted the browser to control the 404 display error, Verisign offered 404 pages redirection at infrastructure level, something that couldn't be disabled.

Google could be looking to become even more 'helpful' by doing so, something that many will view as yet another encroachment of their personal choices; SEOker, who discovered the trick, singles out the fact that Google conveniently includes a Google search box which obviously would redirect traffic to Google's own website.

Is Google turning into a brand new Microsoft?