Latest iPhone software jail-breaked

Good to read this week that a teenage code cracker who is known for his ability in coding has managed to unlock the latest software for the iPhone.

The jail-break, as it's known, is a particularly interesting one, as it's an issue that has been bugging code crackers for some time.

Newswires quote George Hotz - aka Geohot - as saying he was of the first peeps to break Apple's iron-clad grasp on the iPhone, for which he was rewarded with a shiny new car and three handsets last year.

Not only did the updates disable modified iPhones, effectively turning them into $400 bricks - cheers Apple! - they also prevented unlocking software from working in many cases.

This latest jail-break neatly by-passes some of the memory register changes that Apple is reported to have used in the new firmware to prevent any clever stuff.

Geohot is said to have worked around those changes by finding another register that is higher than one that was originally used.

"I guess Apple thought big numbers were harder to guess," he said in his notes on the jail-break.

More details on the jail-break here...