Mobile phone providers queue up to launch Live TV

Virgin Mobile launched Mobile TV back in September 2006 and stealthily shuttered it last year after dismal sales despite using Pamela Anderson to star in its Mobile TV ad campaign; Virgin’s lobster phone offered four channels and up to 50 radios.

Now Orange and T-Mobile UK have announced joint commercial trials of a wireless broadcast media platform for late 2008; according to several sources, the service will include 24 high resolution TV channels and 10 digital radio stations that will be accessible only through WCDMA handsets; the channels will be a mix of free and paid for channels.

The two companies could eventually be joined by others to improve universal access to those services and leverage the massive investments that have been done in 3G infrastructure.

Chances are that you will have to dump your existing phone and get a new one; Techradar mentions that the service will be trialled first amongst people working or living in West London, in an area stretching from Soho to Acton, and from Marylebone to Fulham.