Will Vista SP1 boost your computer's performance?

Vista is back with a revenge if the latest Service Pack benchmarks are backed by real life checks. Robert McLaws at Windows Now, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes from ZDnet and many others have reported minor to incredible performance boost.

Adrian was particularly surprised by the performance gains that he recorded post SP1 installation; his computer, a Quad core AMD Phenom computer with some impressive credentials showed significant improvements especially when it came to moving or extracting files.

Shuttling around single or multiple files around to and from an external USB drive - a common task if you transfer content, showed performance improvements between 150 and 175 percent, which can amount to several hours a year worth of savings if you are a video producer for example.

As for McLaws, he decided to use existing Vista setups rather than having a clean computer, which is logical given that most users will install SP1 on top of existing computers; he also chose to use PCMark Vantage and showed gains of up to 15 percent depending on the hardware you are using.

PC World's Melissa Perenson however encountered some slow down when it came to copying large files into a zip archive; something which is akin of compressing files although she tested SP1 informally, a disclaimer that she highlights in her conclusion.