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Bit Torrent debunked - Most downloads are pirates

Torrentfreak (opens in new tab) has revealed that more than a billion TV shows are downloaded every year through Bit torrent with 50 percent of all downloaders indulging in illegal TV shows pleasures at any time.

TV shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives or CSI have been downloaded in record numbers with some episodes clocking up to 10 million downloads.

Although these numbers account for downloads worldwide, Torrent Freak rightly points out to the fact that Bit torrent is quickly becoming the 21st century Tivo, where users choose what to watch rather than follow a pre-selected script.

The statistics released also shows that the overwhelming number of downloads consists of illegal material.

While many P2P users have long eulogised Bit torrent for its role in helping the dissemination of open source applications, the truth remains that Bit torrent is primarily a way of distributing illegal content more rapidly and without the legal and financial constraints of a traditional one-to-many platform.

Still using the right advertising solution, P2P distribution of content could provide an additional source of revenue for content producers, especially since the costs of distribution are negligeable compared to the current licencing approach.

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