Dell makes a killing out of Windows XP

Reviving Windows XP has been one of the most demanded options computer resellers are encountering and as the count-down to the last Windows XP sales approaches - that's in June, some vendors are cashing on the demand

More than 90,000 have signed up to InfoWorld's Save XP petition and it is one of the more popular options on Dell's Ideastorm.

Dell has started to promoted Windows XP Professional version upgrades more actively on its business laptops and computers, with buttons for Windows XP Optional displayed more visibly on the website.

The problem is that Dell is charging a whopping £30+VAT for the upgrade and does not offer any Windows XP Home operating system for its business computers, although it does bundle Vista Home Premium with its business range.

This is even worst for Home users who have to fork £30 for Windows XP Home edition and an eye popping £80 for the professional version.

In contrast, Ebuyer sells Windows XP Home for £52 and Windows XP Pro for £82.45.

Is Dell overcharging its customers for what is essentially a downgrade? Surely