Macbook Air interest do not translate into sales

Reports are popping up saying that the buzz and initial interest generated by the Macbook Air notebook has not translated into hard sales.

Fortune Blogger-in-chief and Mac aficionados, Philip Elmer-DeWitt, quotes a survey by Apple resellers conducted by Gene Munster, an analyst from Piper Jaffray which reveals that people are interested in the MacBook air but this hasn't translated into hard sales, unlike Apple's iPhone.

The Piper Jaffray analyst spoke to 20 Apple resellers during the preparation of his research note and found out that the MacBook Air sales come over and above the current Macbook sales, and is presented as an Executive Mac, with an associated tag.

ITPro also understands that the same scenario is happening over here with UK punters interested in the Air but baulking at the price or the lack of features.

Munster is however convinced that by the end of 2008, more than one in six Macs sold will be a MacBook Air, which we believe is either highly optimistic or he might have been misquoted.

Overall, the majority of Apple resellers surveyed said that sales would be either flat or rising with 45 percent saying they were down.