launches DRM free music site

Popular e-tailer has launched a new UK music store called Playdigital which offers more than one million tracks from Music studio EMI which can be played on all media players thanks to the lack of Digital Rights Management solutions. had been voted the best online retailer ahead of Amazon and eBay is a poll published by Foresee Results at the end of last year.

Tracks prices start from only 65p and although has yet to sign more music groups like Sony, Universal and Warner Music Group, the e-tailer, which is the third most visited e-commerce website, remains convinced that consumers will be attracted by DRM-free tracks and by cheaper prices compared to Apple's iTunes.

Play has already pledged to sign the rest of the music group quartet on Playdigital.

Amazon announced earlier this year that it was going to extend its Amazon MP3 downloads store to countries outside the US and has already signed all four major music groups and is in a unique position to offer nearly 2.9 million DRM free tracks, with album prices starting at less than £3.

Another lesser known online music store, 7digital has been offering full DRM-free versions of music tracks from EMI for over a year at prices starting from 50p.