750GB Samsung HD753LJ Spinpoint F1 Hard drive for £98.84 delivered

The Samsung HD753LJ Spinpoint F1 is a serious piece of kit. It has a 750 GB storage capacity and 7200 rpm spindle speed.Its 32 MB buffer memory, SilentSeek, NoiseGuard and ImpacGuard technologies and average seek time of just 8.9 ms guarantee optimum user satisfaction.

Updated on 24th of February 2008 - Ebuyer sells it for only £89.99 with free delivery, making it one of the cheapest per GB hard drive.

It costs just under £100 at Scan. You can get it delivered for free if you are a bit-tech forum user.


Stores Upto 17550 Digital Photo's (6Mpix)

Stores Upto 156250 MP3 Songs

Stores Upto 15000 CD Audio Songs

Stores Upto 48 Hours of Digital Video (DV)

Stores Upto 250 Hours of DVD Quality Video

Stores Upto 75 Hours of HD Quality Video

Max. 334GB Formatted Capacity per Disk

Serial ATA 3.0Gbps Interface Support

Improved recording stability over temperature with PMR

Advanced dynamic FOD control for best data integrity

Intelligent compensation of external disturbance

SATA Native Command Queuing Feature

Device Initiated SATA Power Management

Staggered Spin-up Support

Environment friendly product with RoHS compliance

Improved performance with dual-ARM based firmware

ATA S.M.A.R.T. Compliant

ATA Automatic Acoustic Management Feature

ATA 48-bit Address Feature

ATA Device Configuration Overlay Feature