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IDT's pre-paid MasterCard sold via 16,000 outlets in UK

I nearly fell off my chair this morning after I received a press release telling me that the IDT Prime pre-paid MasterCard is now being sold through more than 16,000 outlets across the UK.

As I reported last year, the IDT card is one of the few pre-paid MasterCards that you can buy - quite literally - over the counter without having to verify yourself.

This makes the cards perfect for anyone seeking the highest possible levels of anonymity on t'Internet - for buying pictures of unclad members of the same or opposite sex (if you get my drift) - or buying contents-of-underpants boosting blue pills.

As you might expect, IDT reports that sales of its Prime MasterCard are going through the roof, though I have a sneaking suspicion that not everyone that buys the card is credit-challenged or plans on buying above-the-counter stuff on the Net.

Still, should it be IDT's concern what punters get up to with their pre-paid MasterCards. Actually, I think it should, as I expect to see someone, somewhere, being arrested for doing illegal things on the Net and the media getting hold of the fact they used a pre-paid card.

This makes tracking down anyone doing illegal things on the Net all the more trickier.

This isn't to say that IDT Finance isn't abiding by the law. It's just that I have my doubts about the way pre-paid debit cards are sold in the UK.

Mind you, that's mainly down to the banks' seeming intransigence when it comes to allowing every adult to open a bank account. But that, as they say, is another story entirely...