Indian firm launches £10 People's phone

Back in the early 2000's, a handful of Indian technicians and engineers dreamt about a low cost computer which they called the Simputer, the people's computer and precursor of the $100 laptop.

Earlier this year, Tata announced the Nano's, the people's car and incidentally the world's cheapest car which will go on sale for £1250.

Now Spice India, a billion dollar communications company, has announced a mobile handset, the people's phone, that aims at the very lowest rung of the mobile phone industry.

To slash costs, corners had to be cut and according to Times Online, one of them will be the phone's screen with more on their way; the manufacturer reckons that the phone will initially cost £10 and can be halved to £5 in the long run.

India is already the fastest growing mobile phone market and is rivalled only by next door neighbour China.

However, you don't have to go to India to get a cheap mobile bargain; second hand phones can be picked at car boot sales for a fiver and you can bag a new Nokia 1112 from Virginmobile for £7.49