Intellect wants UK firms to push for carbon free IT

A report published by Intellect, a UK trade association for technology, highlights the work that needs to be done as the UK technology industry scrambles to cut its carbon footprint drastically, in order to avoid climate change.

The report, entitled 'High Tech: Low Carbon' says that information technology worldwide accounts for 2 percent of the global CO2 production which could rise to 10 percent if left unchecked; this might be partly caused by the industrialisation of emergent countries like Russia, India, China and Brazil, which account for nearly half of the world's population.

Intellect's paper has identified 26 different technologies that can be help reduce carbon emissions across various parts of the economy and is urging the industry and the government to adopt them before it becomes too late.

The report also calls for carbon accounting to be introduced in energy tariffs and for data centres to be made more efficient.

The trade association also claims that UK's tech industry can comfortably exceed the target set by the Confederation of British Industry Climate Change Task Force which asks for a 30 percent improvement in the efficiency of power hungry devices by 2030.

The past few years have seen a major shift in the stance adopted by the technology industry with regards to power consumption; electricity guzzling computers and peripherals have been replaced by much more efficient one thanks to a rise in green initiatives and energy prices.