Microsoft to fully embrace Open Source?

What started a rumour is gradually picking up steam. Celebrity Tech blogger and ex-Microsoft employee Robert Scoble paid a visit to his colleagues on the 13th of February 2003 and what he saw over there made him cry real tears.

Not of pain but of brisk excitement and over enthusiasm. According to Scoble's own words, he's convinced that what he saw there will change the world his sons will live in; and he puts what he saw on par with the likes of Pagemaker, Photoshop, Apple II, Excel, Netscape, ICQ and Netmeeting.

Although he's under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) until the 27th of February, he revealed that the software is the product of the research of two fellow Microsoftees, Curtis Wong and Jonathan Fay.

To add to the confusion, Long Zheng, from goes to a URL,, and points to a Microsoft page with the words {Forge} new powers and a date, 27th February 2008.

Whatever the product it, the only three things we can be sure of are (a) Robert Scoble and a handful of non Microsoft employees have seen it and have been profoundly touched by it and (b) this might be open source related.