Gazza gets a reprieve

Good to see that Gary Mckinnon's case for his extradition to the Land of the Free (hah! -Ed) has been put back to this Autumn, following a hearing in court earlier this month.

As reported previously, Gazza stands accused of hacking into no less 97 US government computers in 2001/2002, causing damage (it says here) estimated at £370,000.

Gazza is also accused of deleting files and logs from computers, but is reported to be "vigorously contesting" extradition.

The case is reported to have been adjourned until 18 October at Bow Street Magistrates' Court.

Bow Street Court? I remember standing in the dock back in 2006 accused of the UK's first hacking case along with a colleague.

My abiding memory is the row of red phone boxes outside the court and along the side.

Funny how memories like that stick isn't it? Good luck to Gary in fight against extradition, is all I can say...