Britain short-changed on Broadband speeds

A new survey, compiled by broadband comparison newcomer, broadband expert, shows that the average speed in UK - based on 18558 tests - stands at a meagre 2.95mbps with the best speeds achieved by Be Broadband (6.07mb) and the worst service provider being Tiscali (1.72mb).

Still Be's average speed is 75 percent less than advertised with Tiscali off by some margin as well.

Most broadband packages sold to the consumer market in the UK advertise speeds of up to 8mbps although many business ADSL or SDSL packages refrain from using such figures to push theirs sales.

Be also came first in upload speeds of up to 850kbps on average and Orange being the slowest at 219kbps. UK's average upload speeds stands at 296kbps, which means that most testers effectively had speeds hovering around 300kbps.

Overall, ADSL2+ users enjoyed much higher speeds than their ADSL only counterparts; the highest speed was recorded by a Be Broadband consumer, clocked at 23.15mbps.

Broadband expert, did not report on cable users as a separate set lumping both Virgin ADSL and cable users altogether.

Virgin boosted its cable speeds to 10mbps for existing 4mbps and speeds of up to 50mbps expected to be introduced very soon.