e-Crime Congress 2008

Businesses, government, and international law enforcement set to meet at the e-Crime Congress to discuss how to tackle cyber crime.

Methods to combat cyber-threats and electronic crime will be discussed by experts and over 500 delegates from FTSE 100 companies, global business, government agencies, and international law enforcement at the 6th Annual e-Crime Congress on 5th and 6th March at Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London.

Electronic crime now ranks as one of the greatest risks facing business and government.

While organised crime's activities such as identity theft and fraud continue to threaten online security and consumer confidence, this year has also seen an increasing number of targeted attacks on the IT infrastructure of companies and governments.

Hundreds of CEO's have been warned about the risk of espionage, while cyber-warfare has emerged as a primary threat to critical national infrastructure.

This year's event provides experts perspectives on topics including: Effective counter-measures against organised crime online; Responding to the online black market; Future risks and challenges; Mitigating risks from electronic espionage; Strategies to reduce the problems of identity theft, data-loss and online fraud; Re-engineering law enforcement responses to cyber-crime; Preventing data breaches, a case study of The TJX story.

More about ecrime congress 2008 at http://www.e-crimecongress.org/ecrime2008/website.asp