Enterprise IP VPN (Secure Site to Site & Remote Access) 2008 Forum

If you are considering implementing or have already implemented IP VPNs into your organization and need the answers to the following critical questions then register for your complimentary place today to attend the 6th annual Enterprise IP VPN 2008 Forum.

Key issues to be discussed

  • What are the pros and cons of the different implementation options? (SSL versus IPSec versus MPLS versus Mobile)
  • Which is the most effective, economical, and secure solution for site to site, remote and mobile users?
  • What steps to take to manage and secure your VPN Network?

The Forum Format

The Enterprise IP VPN 2008 Forum will consist of a one-day conference at which you will hear from leading IP VPN vendors such as Cable & Wireless, Tiscali Business Services, Check Point, AppGate, Cryptocard and Global Secure Systems, as well as having the opportunity to hear a case study of a major IP VPN deployment from an actual end user.

There will also be a roundtable panel discussion at which you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions of our team of IP VPN experts.

For further details information and to register for your complimentary place please log-on to the forum website at www.ibaforum.co.uk/ipvpn2008