Incredible -- C-NetMedia still continues its grossly deceptive practices

It’s still going on, despite press on the matter.

This morning, a search for SpyBot again shows C-NetMedia trying to trick people into thinking their site ( is Spybot’s:


It’s just as bad on Yahoo, which skews toward a demographic that is arguably not as computer savvy as Google’s (providing a potentially better opportunity for deception).


And a search for Ad-Aware still has their ad for HIGHLY deceptive.


(And we all know that many people will click on the first result, not fully understanding that it’s a sponsored link.)

Then, look what these crooks are doing with Microsoft Antispyware (


And that site, incidentally, sure looks like Microsoft’s site, as Ben Edelman pointed out:


(Image credit: Ben Edelman)

I’m sure there’s more, this is all I have time for right now.

I’m afraid it’s going to take the FTC to handle this one. Apparently the search engines aren’t self-policing on this one.