Is Yahoo Japan looking to purchase Yahoo ROW?

Yahoo Japan could potentially buy Yahoo rest of the world, Valleywag blog writes.

40 percent of Yahoo Japan is owned by Yahoo and is worth a cool £14.35 billion according to Bloomberg (prices there are in Japanese Yen)

Valleywag mentions a previous deal where Seagate was purchased by Veritas, a firm which was co-owned by Seagate and other investors through a smart stock swap worth $20 billion.

Veritas, as a software company, was then immediately spun off, gaining rights to Seagate Software Network and Storage Management Group.

The buyout of Yahoo by Yahoo Japan is made even more compelling as Softbank, which owns a sizeable chunk of Yahoo Japan, also owns part of Yahoo Rest of the world, as well as 30 percent of Alibaba.

To make things a bit more complicated, Jerry Yang, CEO of Yahoo sits on Alibaba's board of directors and Yahoo rest of the world owns 39 percent of Alibaba.

Alibaba has openly raised concerns about its fate after Microsoft bid for Yahoo and Reuters reports that "The problem is a perception by Beijing authorities that an important Chinese firm could come under the control of Microsoft Corp, which has a reputation of using monopolistic tactics, said the source, who is familiar with a team of bankers and lawyers assembled by Alibaba to review its options."