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BBC iPlayer more popular than ever

In the first 50 days of operation, more than 17 million programmes have been watched or downloaded via the BBC's iPlayer according to Reuters (via the Guardian).

That's more than 14,000 programmes per hour and the service has attracted a whopping 2.2 million people, making it one of the most popular streaming services worldwide.

It is not known whether the stats include programmes that have been viewed or streamed from white-labelled entertainment channels that other popular websites like Bebo, Yahoo and MSN use as well.

In related news, a popular online TV recording service, (opens in new tab) has been shut down by its owner who according to the Register ploughed in £100,000.

The service, allowed users to download UK TV programmes for free and store up to 10GB of TV per user from 12 UK channels.

In a message posted on their website, TVCatchup revealed that the big five broadcasters were having "increasing concerns over the free personal recording functionality that this website offers" and that their service was terminated by their web hosting provider.

Nonetheless, TVcatchup was an interesting idea which shows that there's a nice niche in the market for television on demand.

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