BBC's controversial plans to sell series on iTunes

BBC has announced that it will sell some of its more popular programmes on iTunes for as little as £1.89 per episode in the UK, almost twice the price you would pay for downloading a BBC show off Amazon's Unbox service.

The move has been brokered by the commercial arm of the public broadcasting corporation, BBC Worldwide and underlines the new drive to increase revenues beyond the traditional but unpopular TV licence fee increases.

According to The Register, there are nine complete series available to download and own. The BBC's iPlayer service allows you to stream shows online and you can play dozens of programmes up to 30 days after downloading them.

Perhaps a much better and cheaper way to grab shows would be to record them in the first place using a PVR and then transfer the content to your computer, something that is perfectly legal since it is considered as private viewing.

You can use your computer as a PVR and record whole series. has covered watching movies on the go here and here.