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H2O Networks hails dark fibre as the answer to UK’s bandwidth issues

The ever increasing popularity of social networking websites and services such as TV and video over the web is contributing heavily to the UK’s bandwidth problems. A North West-based company, H2O Networks is hailing dark fibre as the solution. Dark fibre offers unlimited bandwidth connectivity yet surprisingly no carriers are willing to sell it.

H2O Networks is keen to encourage the take up of dark fibre and is offering a unique local fibre service for £699 per month with no connection fee, offering virtual ownership of the fibre and a future-proofed network for at least the next ten years. And, regardless of your bandwidth requirements 100mps, 200mps or Gigabit, the price remains the same. Additional fibres will be charged at an incredible price of 0.25p.

“Dark fibre is a much overlooked, but totally viable solution to solve the UK’s bandwidth needs,” said Elfed Thomas, managing director, H2O Networks. He continued: “BT set the bandwidth tariff about 30 years ago and not only is it hugely expensive, it is also extremely restrictive. No-one could have predicted the current levels of demand for bandwidth, so the future lies with dark fibre.”

H2O Networks uses a revolutionary Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer System (FS) to deploy its cable via the UK’s sewer network. The company works with organisations to build bespoke networks while staying in line with its ethos of low cost leasing with no uplift charge on bandwidth.

The low cost platform provided by FS can be implemented 80% faster than traditional methods and there is no need for the complex negotiations that come with getting the permission to dig up the roads and pavements. As existing networks become increasingly congested with cables of all types, it has become much more difficult for network companies to find new pathways.

The cost advantages of an H2O network mean that not only is it cheaper to install, but it offers a fixed term cost rather than bandwidth tariffs. The bandwidth is hugely scalable and so will cope with the evolution of technology and the capacity this will eat up for the foreseeable future. Every city and town has ready-made ducts that can be used without causing disruption.

An additional advantage is that the cables lie at depths of up to 5m below the ground, compared with 450mm for conventional cables, making it far more secure, particularly in disaster recovery situations.

The H2O Networks system eliminates the additional connection and fibre charges cable and telecom companies make when extra bandwidth capacity is taken on. Dark fibre has no restriction on bandwidth and the customer is firmly in control with the ability to upgrade at any time.

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