MasterCard expanding PayPass relentlessly

Hard on the heels of my story yesterday about Visa PayWave and its security shortcomings, it appears that MasterCard has been hard at work on the public relations front when it comes to promoting its version of the wireless payment technology, PayPass.

According to a release issued at the weekend, the MasterCard PayPass system now works at 17,500 locations across the US - a rise of around 4,000 in just a few months.

The worrying part about this expansion is that a sizeable number of new locations are vending machines from the likes of Ace Vending, Canteen Vending Services, Custom Foods and Peachtree Vending.

MasterCard also reports that Coca-Cola Enterprises has also equipped additional vending machines with the technology.

Now here's the rub - these shiny new locations are unattended vending machines, which means that crims can take pretty well as much time as they like when installing wireless skimming systems!

Hey, waaaaaaay to go MasterCard.

I've yet to see the PayPass terms and conditions, but I'll bet a penny to a pound that they are weighted in the card issuer's favour.

Unfair Contracts Terms Act anyone?...