Russian Business Network running a protection racket - report

I was amused to hear that the lads (and lasses) over at that bastion of legitimacy, the Russian Business Network, are allegedly running an extortion racket, preying on `borderline' sites.

Well, strike me down with an unfair BT business contract (but that's another story -Ed). I am amazed. Not.

It seems that the RBNExploit blog has spilled the beans on the alleged racket, which centres on RBN contacts carrying out (allegedly, you'll remember) a DDOS attack on the iffy Web site and then approaching the site operators with a request that they sign up for their DDOS prevention service.

Which costs $2,000 a month.

RBN doesn't appear to worry too much about its DDOS prevention scheme being rumbled - postings on a forum - where discussions of RBN DDOS prevention programs are listed, have comments such as:

"Paid very fast. A very good return from a DDOS attack"

You can't get much more blatant (allegedly) than that...