UK businesses too busy to think about environment issues

Results carried out by YouGov on behalf of energy company E.on show that UK businesses are too busy to be green as bleak economic conditions are having a negative impact on companies' efforts to save energy and reduce their carbon footprints.

Energy efficient lighting came out first amongst the priorities of the respondents, followed by lower heating and air conditioning power usage and the installation of more energy efficient equipment

At the other end, a meagre 14 percent of those surveyed had someone within their company to manage their energy consumption.

The E.on survey also showed that the looming recession caused companies to be more wary about slashing their power consumption, a paradoxical move considering the rising price of energy; less than a third are planning to get greener with less than 13 percent increasing their energy saving projects to save money.

The survey comes shortly after another one by Consultancy firm Pricewaterhouse coopers which revealed that less than one in five technology executives interviewed used green credentials as a decisive factor in their purchasing decision process.