200 more laptops lost or stolen by UK Government

Data obtained by Silicon.com showed the extent of data and devices lost by the present government since 2001.

Ironically, the Ministry of Justice comes out as the worst culprit with 169 laptops and 172 mobile phones either lost or stolen during the past 6 years, amounting for probably over £200,000.

The three other departments mentioned in the Silicon.com article account for 65 laptops, 4 Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and 62 mobile phones, either lost or stolen during same period.

The article also mentions that 347 laptops were lost by the Ministry of Defence since 2004.

The statistics were provided in a written parliamentary answer to questions by Brent East Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather.

Even though the financial costs of the losses might seem small compared to the overall budget dedicated to IT, the fact that no one really knows what information were on those laptops is more serious.

The Ministry of Justice has now taken steps to make sure that its laptops are encrypted.

There are 45 departments in the UK Government, with 21 ministerial departments.

So it seems that we are only seeing the top of the iceberg; the number and value of the lost laptops could rise considerably if a full audit is carried out.