Black Hat kicks off in DC

Good to see that the Black Hat conference in Washington kicked off this week with some fine presentations.

According to various newswires, day one started with a demonstration of GSM cellular capture technology with David Hulyton of ToorCon fame, who showed how easy it is to use Field Programmable Gate Array technology to reverse engineer an encrypted GSM data stream.

A couple of years ago when I discussed this topic with some senior tech managers with a major UK cellco, they said that brute force decryption would take 48 hours or more.

Hulyton says that, using FPGA technology, the decryption process comes down to around 30 seconds, although the technology cost runs into six figures and then some,

This process presumes, of course, that the hacker has access to all the GSM data channels carrying the relevant data streams, but it shows how much decryption technology has moved on in recent years.

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