Google err on the Balloon-ey side

Broadband by Balloons (BBB) could soon become a reality thanks to Google, according to the respected Wall Street Journal.

The search engine has been so impressed by the technology begind Space Data Corp that it has even considered buying the company.

While some have already dismissed the idea as an April fool joke coming too early, others have backed Google's idea to investigate exotic ways to distribute internet access over large areas for cheap, especially in rural areas.

Space Data Corp releases on average 10 balloons a day which rise more than 30 KMs in the stratosphere and act like mini cell phone towers, each capable of covering an area larger than Greater London - which would otherwise require 40 cell towers.

The balloons are good only for a day before they burst and fall back to earth which means that new balloons must be released to cater for those falling back.

The company pays $100 for each balloon to whoever brings in a fallen GPS-equipped transceiver - which costs $1500 per unit.

Balloons are not only cheap and quick to deploy, they are also demand less likely to be met with red tape bureaucracy since they are mobile units.

Electronista posits that Google's might want to tie this technology to its bid for the 700Mhz spectrum auction.