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Hacking taking off in Tanzania

Interesting to see a news report about a Police Chief in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, linking the increasing use of t'Internet in his country with a rising crime wave.

According to a report in the Tanzanian Guardian newspaper, Said Mwema, the Inspector General of Police, Internet users are now downloading all sorts of information from t'Internet, much of which can be used for the rising problem of cybercrime in the country.

Cybercrime threats facing Tanzania, he said, now include the propagation of pr0n and terrorism threats, as well as the dissemination of wrong information.

Mwema warned that citizens need to be careful because some Web sites are disseminating political, economic and social information that is either incorrect or exposes other people`s confidential information.

At a news conference, the Police Chief said that two people were recently interrogated by the police over illegal information they had propagated via the Jambo Forum Web site. (opens in new tab)

Mwema said that Tanzanian legislation governing the use of the Internet in the country needs to be abided by, particularly at educational establishments, where illegal file downloading is rife.

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