Is Ukrainian Portal website Google latest acquisition?

Online Blog Quintura reports that Google might be eyeing a piece of Ukranian Internetski as it prepares for a big push eastwards.

The search engine is apparently in talks to purchase Bigmir)net which is apparently the largest Ukrainian portal with over 2.5 million unique monthly users.

The price tag on would be close to $100 million based on the price tag that Naspers paid for a 30 percent stake in Russian-based back in 2007.

However, it beggars belilef that Google would start acquiring traditional online portal-like properties that have nothing to provide except eyeballs.

The online search giant prefers to invest in websites that provide with cutting-edge technology (Peakstream, Jaiku), global leaders (Doubleclick, Youtube) or which have huge potentials (Panoramio).

It would also make more sense for Google to buy a majority share in Bigmir)net and provide the latter with the necessary backing from Google in terms of backend features, technology and services.