Google pours money in the WINE

Google is pumping money into Codeweavers to accelerate development of Wine, in a move that looks to undermine Microsoft's stranglehold on desktop-bound applications.

WiNE, like another open source product, GNU, is a recursive acronym for Wine Is Not an Emulator and is a software application which allows Linux and other Unix-based operating systems to run programs originally destined for the Windows platform.

On Thursday 14th, Dan Kegel, Software Engineering Team and Wine 1.0 Release Manager announced on Google Code that Google had specifically hired Codeweavers to make Photoshop CS and CS2 work quicker under WINE; something that desktop Linux users have been demanding for quite some time.

The move might also prompt software giants like Adobe or Intuit to work on developing Wine-friendly rather than Linux only applications to garner a greater following; something that might freak out Microsoft.

One has to dig deep to understand the motivations behind this Google announcement as Google interns are also working hard on hundreds of WINE patches which will ensure that WIndows-based software work flawlessly on Linux computers. understands that Microsoft might actually be looking to undermine Microsoft (and incidentally Apple as well) and distract it from the Web.

By creating a third alternative platform, the author reckons, Google possibly wants to send a clear message to Microsoft: Invade our turf and we will do the same on yours.