Laptops to be given away by Carphone Warehouse

Mobiletoday reports that Carphone Warehouse, the company behind TalkTalk and AOL broadband, is in talks with big laptop names to replicate the now accepted model of subsidised hardware.

CW has apparently been holding talks with Apple, Sony and Toshiba - seen as premium brands - and has already struck deals with Dell and HP for their AOL broadband.

Interestingly, Carphone Warehouse appears to be using a divide and conquer approach as its AOL broadband services are only available when bundled with a laptop or a Playstation 3 gaming console

The Talktalk packages, which start at £16.39 per month, however come without any 'free' gifts attached.

The laptop market is expected to continue growing at double digit rates as consumers move towards a one-laptop per user and replace traditional desktop PC as well, with an expected 5 million laptops to be sold by 2008.

Computer Warehouse also resells T-Mobile and Three wireless broadband packages which also come with laptops.

In related news, Mobile Today revealed that wireless mobile broadband subscriptions accounts for a not-so-insignificant 25,000 new contracts each month.